Some girls aspire to be role models to other girls, in order to achieve this a lot of us participate in beauty pageants.

The question is how do I prepare?

I would say start working your way from your inside to your outside.

Firstly, what is a beauty queen in character?

  • caring
  • charitable
  • team player
  • kind

This is your chance to help those in need wether it's animals, other people or charities of your choice (I have provided ideas as to how to do this on a previous post you can refer to for inspiration).

When you truly feel from your heart the need to help and care for others, it will reflect on your outter beauty.

How do you conduct yourself in public? Or even on social media?

This is also very important ,character is your way of leading by example. 

You should appear poised and well mannered regardless of the situation. There will be times that you will be tested and it's happened to me many times.

I have been at pageants and bullied by other participants for my dedication to working on myself on. Did I ever rise to it? No, because I rather lead by example and show other girls that you can behave appropriately regardless of the situation.

On social media, I have also been bullied, remember not everyone will like the way the look and not everyone likes to support other women but would rather bring them down. However, I try never to rise to it, don't get me wrong it hurts at times but I address it in a manner where I make it clear I will never accept bullying either for myself or for others.

I am an advocate against bullying.

Once you have worked on your interior, it's time to move to your exterior. 

How, you may ask yourself?

  • eat healthy and balanced meals
  • exercise 3-5 times a week (to keep toned)
  • practice that walk with the heels you plan to wear and that smile in front of a mirror daily or even record yourself to see where you could improve.
  • think of why you want to enter a pageant and why you think you aspire to win.
  • get your selection of outfits ready well before the pageant, you will want to practice your walk in your outfits.
  • go for outfits that stand out on stage (I tend to choose outfits with crystals on them they work well on stage).
  • get big sparkling accessories that complement your outfits.
  • if there's a talent round, make sure you have rehearsed and feel comfortable with what you are doing so that you have time to perfect it.

In the days prior to the event you may want to book a hair stylist and makeup artist that help you achieve your desired look, on top of that manicures ,pedicures and waxing are a must. I also get my hair freshly died 2 days prior to the event from my trusted hairdresser CDJ EZIO PARRUCCHIERI

If you are doing your hair and makeup by yourself practice all the different looks you are thinking of going for prior to the event (check what works well and what doesn't, what works well is checking also how it comes across in video and picture).

The day prior to the event I can't stress enough practice, practice and practice. Remember to be organised because on the day itself you may be quite nervous.

Always be yourself and show the beautiful person you are, it will always shine through and people will be automatically drawn to you.

If you would like more info or ideas as to how to prepare or more posts on where and how to shop, contact me directly I'll be more than happy to answer or write further blog posts. This is just a synopsis on the subject.


  1. You are a beauty! :) There is more to being a beauty queen than meets the eyes it seems.

    1. There really is. There's so much work that goes into it. The best part of it all is giving back to our communities and meeting lovely girls who have similar aspirations.
      Thank you for taking the time to write this.

  2. Well you forget you have to beautiful 😂😂 like you



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