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I found out about MakeUp Revolution through this blogger Beautymummauk who has a YouTube channel.

The ugly truth series , why I will never buy makeup revolution again

Walking through the makeup isles, I was always put off by the brand as the price point scared me off. Generally such low ball points correlate with the product being low in quality.

I bought some of their products anyways since I was swayed by all the online hype and also because some of my audience suggested I show them what they have to offer!

The quality versus price is acceptable. Only recently have they upped their pricing.

Their palettes are not suited to sensitive eyes as the mattes are extremely dusty.

They offer cheap alternatives as they copy the more expensive palettes.

Like most cosmetic companies they have great marketing!

Let me give you the dirty on this!

You get a collection of people to say how "amazing" your mediocre products are!

What happens next?

The power of influencers for brands

This is the power of influence! With emphasis on specific words and potential desirable effects you can make anyone buy virtually anything.

Well their concealer that broke the internet is an example of this! People failed to mention that weather you set it, prime it or not! The excuses are endless! It creases like no other! And if you have dry patches well that's it you are screwed as it will bind to any dryness and excentuate it!

Let's not even mention how the colour variation they have are such a put off!

But like many of you I was INFLUENCED TO BUY IT! The concealer that broke the internet which retailed at 4 pounds! Wouldn't hurt the wallet either if it didn't work!

Other than the low product quality , one thing that really surprised me was how little acknowledgement they give to their buyers!

Global branding, influencers and buyers

I know individuals that have bought every single collection from them and have never got even a like on their work to acknowledge this!

As a brand I can't believe they haven't caught on to this important factor! It is so important to acknowledge your buyers!

Ok let's be realistic you can't acknowledge every single one but who can surely notice those who regularly purchase your items!

They have recently put out an influencer search and countless entries were submitted!

I am definitely NOT one of those who applied because I would never be able to lie about how bad their product quality is. Which is fair enough as realistically there is no way they could charge for a high quality product that little!

From the influencer realm I can tell you that I have been told they already had a set list of  influencers they had already handpicked!

So your submission may have been a waste of time! Yet again is this hearsay or just a mob of disgruntled influencers creating rumours to tarnish the brand? I will let you be the judge of this! 

Adam Minto Is the owner of this brand and he is known to define YouTubers as self entitled millennials! 

This made me disgusted in a way because these so called SELF ENTITLED YOUTUBERS got your brand to another level and noticed worldwide!

I mean I can see no other way of selling such low quality cosmetics other than with influencers telling especially a younger audience how great the products are!

Let's face it their demographic suggests a lower age range as a teenager will definitely have a few quid to spend on this ballpark makeup brand but won't have enough to spend on the bigger brands!

I understand business is business but it disappoints me that the likes of
Sophiedoesnails who influence countless teenagers, lie about the product quality of makeup revolution!

Are influencers truthful or bias when promoting a brand

Yet again, I guess this flakey truth goes hand in hand with the majority of influencers!

As soon as you speak the truth about a product they shut you out!

The thing that brands need to understand is to value their buyers, influencers and also the constructive criticism that can come from some negative feedback!

You can elevate product quality when you get bad but real feedback!

I was asked by my followers to buy some of their products but I am sorry I cannot support a brand like this!

I am so disappointed in this brand to the point that I haven't bought any of their products for over a year now and have reverted to buying from MAC who have years of make-up experience and provide high quality makeup that never disappoints!

All in all as you can tell it's no surprise that I don't purchase anything from Make-up Revolution.

Once a brand that had so much potential and reasonable pricing for any budget destroyed over having poor social media management and appreciation for every single person who buys or tries to promote the brand.

Have you tried their products? Do you agree with my decision?

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