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This is not the usual type of post that I do.
There is no mention of products which I love or hate.

I just wanted to talk about time and how precious it is.


We've all heard the sentence time is precious.

I want you to close your eyes and just think about that sentence.

I never fully understood how precious time was until I got older.

I spent much of my time, when I was younger trying to please people around me. By people around me I mean especially those who were not worthy of being around me.

I used my time pleasing others rather than following what would truly make me happy.

I never envisioned myself as being precious and worthy of so much more. I just lived my life like the ones around wanted me to.

Sometimes we want things to work so badly that we keep working on something that is so much more than broken.

You need to learn where to draw the line , when enough is enough.


Instead of running after a relationship which is a one way street or chasing friendships that are not mutual, what is so scary about being on your own?

There's something that I noticed around me, the majority of people settle for the first person who shows them attention, rather than getting to know one another and seeing if they are compatible.

Enjoying your own company is the key to success! You learn more about yourself and you have space to grow as individual.

There's nothing scary about choosing of being on your own. Being on your own means you can use that time channelling your energy into useful things.

Time is precious but that doesn't mean that you need to keep forcing a situation which is just not working. It takes 2 people to make things work, wether it's in a relationship, friendship or with family members.

I am not saying that you need to give up at the first hurdle but I do think that we need to think about what's acceptable and not.

I've made my share of bad decisions and one of these has been spending my time in a way which I was completely miserable rather than chasing what made me really happy.

We all deserve the best and don't ever let anyone come in the way of that no matter how big the temptations.

If you are unhappy you can always do something about it.

I remember a time when I was so happy where I'd laughed from the bottom of my heart, I was greatful for those times.

I was unable to follow the path I was on as I was not a strong person, I was easily influenced into the wrong direction.

When I realised that what I wanted was not what I had as I was completely miserable, it was too late to turn back the hands of time.

This was a lesson I live by now and one who has made me a stronger individual.

I cherish those moments till this day and they always remind me of how precious time is!

Find your light, find your happiness, don't stick to what you know and risk being miserable.

Life is too precious to live it by other people's standards.

Love you all, what do you think of this? comment below and let me know.

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