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SK-IN is a UK based independent brand. They create products for both him and her. I particularly love the fact that this brand is not gender oriented and is inclusive.

They have released a set of products which are essential and allow you to feel good in your skin.

The choice is infinite if you start scouring the internet the overwhelming choice will confuse you. 

Their packaging is sustainable and unique. I love how it comes already ready to be gifted without having to purchase further packaging.

At SK-IN they offer an exclusive cosmetic range including lip glosses, self tan, lashes, highlighters and beard oils. They also have the highest quality hoodie jumper I have come across.

 The perfect gift idea for ultimate glam guru sk-in gb

I went and chose the perfect gift combination for the ultimate glam guru. I based my choice on glamour, style and everyday comfort.

I find that it's so hard to find gifts for people that's why I really love to devise gift guide idea posts when I come across products that are truly deserving.

If there is one item my Glam gurus cannot live without it's definitely eyelash strips.

SK-IN offers 3 eyelash types for all make-up enthusiasts: Dynamic, Fabulous and Sincere.

The perfect gift idea for the ultimate glam guru

I chose their 5.01 Eyelashes - in model Fabulous.

Firstly and foremost these lashes are fully synthetic silk fur. Yay for animal friendly!!!!!!!!!

I particularly loved that these look glamorous yet natural at the same time. I did find that these lashes elevated my make-up look but also look fabulous worn on their own.

the SK-IN 5.01 Eyelashes - in model Fabulous.

The SK-IN Fabulous lashes come with their own glue making them brilliant if you are on the go as it comes all together in sustainable recycling friendly packaging.

The SK-IN Fabulous eyelashes retail at £15.00.

The eyelash band is user friendly and I was happy that the lashes didn't feel overly heavy on my own lashes.

I am curious as to how many uses I can get out of them , given the price point surely with the appropriate eyelash care they should last for up to 25 uses. Fingers crossed.

 SK-IN GB fabulous eyelashes

The next item I couldn't resist including in the perfect gift package for the ultimate glam guru was their high pigmented Highlighter.

Let's be honest, highlighter are a definite item I cannot live without.

Highlighters are available in three shades: Encourage, Spirited and Sassy.

 Encourage SK-IN GB highlighter

I chose the SK-IN 2.01 Highlighter in shade Encourage. If you are a beauty industry connoisseur you will know right away why I may have picked up this particular shade.

I recommend also using it as an eyeshadow. The highlighter pan is huge and this will last you a very long time.

the SK-IN 2.01 Highlighter in shade Encourage swatch

For all of those panning enthusiast this highlighter will take you long to hit the pan. 

the SK-IN 2.01 Highlighter in shade Encourage

This highlighting shade is BLINDING when you build it up. I love the texture as it is very pigmented.

The SK-IN Encourage highlighter retails at £25.00.

SK-IN GB the perfect gift idea for the ultimate glam guru

The star of the brand in my opinion is the SK-IN 10.02 Hoodie jumper.

The weather has changed and what better gift could you choose for those freezing winds.

It's ivory colour is to die for and as you will see is so beautiful in shots too. Making it the ultimate item to add to the perfect gift idea for your glam gurus.

 SK-IN Jumper Hoodie the ultimate glam guru gift guide

Why do I think this is the star of the show?

Not only is it unisex and available in all sizes , it looks absolutely beautiful, I guarantee it's the softest and warmest jumper you will own.

I could believe how high quality the SK-IN hoodie jumper is, the stitching is impeccable, the finer details are incredible, super soft and the fit is to die for!!!!!!!!!!!

the SK-IN 10.02 Hoodie jumper.

I am definitely a SK-IN GB fan , animal friendly, sustainable and high in quality. Making it the perfect brand choice for a gift idea to suit everyone.

the SK-IN 10.02 Hoodie jumper.

The SK-IN hoodie jumper retails only at £25.00.

Overall , the above items make it the perfect gift idea for the ultimate glam guru.

You have your lashes, your blinding highlighter and your very instagrammable hoodie jumper. You are literally sorted.

the SK-IN 10.02 Hoodie jumper.

You can however pick and mix from the SK-IN entire range to tailor it better to whom you are gifting it to!!!!!!!!!

This would be the perfect gift personally for me, as I could literally wear these three and feel complete.

The ultimate gift guide for the ultimate glam guru SK-IN

I want to thank SK-IN as a brand for introducing me to their wonderful brand. On the plus side, the also have Free UK delivery.

''What did you think of this gift guide? Comment below and let me know.''

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