I debated wether our not to collect my thoughts on the current COVID-19 situation but here goes .

Looking back at when China started dealing with the COVID-19, I started to worry.

People were taking it lightly. Laughing, joking, Tiktok videos with their "it's corona time". Deep inside I was worried, they locked down an entire region.

In my opinion, when a government sacrifices the economy for a disease, you know its about to get serious! 

Let's face it no country would destroy their economy if the danger they were facing was bigger than the importance of money! This has never happened!

Quite rapidly this virus has taken over the world and "unprecedented" measures are being taken to buy our system time to deal with it.

My heart bleeds for the world!

I'm not going to talk about conspiracies or facts but how there is two sides to this tragedy .

London seems to be the epicentre of the UK outbreak, probably because through travel and a much underfunded NHS, it has been able to spread rapidly.

Our prime minister and his medical advisors initially stated they were taking a route of HERD IMMUNITY, this meant that a lot of casualties would be likely.

This was a scary and challenging situation. I have debated within myself whether this was a good route to be taken. Its hard to get your mind round such a drastic measure! 

As far as I read "Herd immunity can only be reached by widespread vaccination (but there is currently no vaccine, and it may take a long time before an effective vaccine becomes available) or by individuals falling ill and recovering thereby developing natural immunity against the virus."

I'm not sure how it's going plan out but my biggest advice is follow the rules set out by the government so whichever plan of action they have devised can be successful for the great part.

The news outlets are not helping spread any positivity, all I see is a lot negative stories but thats what sells and what draws peoples attention.

I was sceptical with the UKs approach but all we can do is support our government, knowing that they are trying to do their best.

A lot of the negativity is surrounding a lot of people especially the younger generation being out and about in groups, like its a summer holiday.

A lot of people are not complying with the simple instruction TO STAY AT HOME!

I see countless people going for walks, people going over to other people's houses for a visit and not all supermarkets are adhering to enforcing distancing.

Staying at home is crucial just to slow down the infection so hospitals can bear with being able to treat their communities, not run out of beds and resources! SO THAT EVERYBODY CAN HAVE THE CHANCE TO GET APPROPRIATE TREATMENT FOR ALL TYPE OF CONDITIONS.

Its really not rocket science if you develop EITHER a fever or a persistent cough you should isolate for 7 days and the household for 14 days according to the latest government regulations.

I have been self isolating for the past 13 days as on the day 1 I decided to isolate mainly because mid afternoon I developed a persistent Dry cough and weakness.

I don't know if I have contracted the COVID-19 virus but I have adhered to the government guidelines when it came down to isolating due to possible COVID-19 symptoms.

I urge anyone who is feeling poorly in any way to not go out for any reason to avoid the TRANSMISSION OF THIS VIRUS!

Thank you for all those working round the clock, our cleaners ,  bin men, porters, all hospital, gp surgery, pharmacy personnel, supermarket staff, supply chains, police, military.. The list is endless.. Thank you

Guys let's flatten the curve, please stay home ! This will avoid infection! 

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