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After so many questions on my social channels as how I have such beautiful skin and complexion, I have decided to share one of my secrets!

I decided to explore a brand which is one of the leading brands for medicinal skincare with a pH value of 5.5. This brand is Sebamed.


Unlike other brands Sebamed ensures high quality ingredients which are able to cleanse and nourish the skin without destroying the skins natural protection.

For people with sensitive skin like me Sebamed is a true life saver because their products are targeted for sensitive and difficult skin types.

I have a sensitive combination skin type and the problem with this is, that if I use the wrong products I have quite a reaction to it! Making my skin sore, red or even peel off.


First and foremost I am going to introduce you to Sebameds best sellers and they are best sellers for a good reason.

Bear in mind, that all the Sebamed range is Dermatologically and clinically tested and approved.

With doing make-up almost on a daily basis, you can get breakouts so I highly recommend the following product:


The Clear face anti-pimple gel Retails at £4.39.

The best part to the Sebamed Clear face anti-pimple gel is that not only can you use it as soon as you get a spot, or blackheads but you should be using it as the spots dry out too.

The clear face anti-pimple gel makes sure that skin is moisturised and the acne bacteria is kept at bay!

Sebamed Clear face anti-pimple gel

I particularly love that it is Pocket sized so you can take it with you anywhere.

As per all Sebamed's products it has the 5.5 pH of healthy skin so that the skins natural barrier is maintained instead of being destroyed.

It is really fast acting and is the king of pimple management.

Sebamed Clear face anti-pimple gel

It has done wonders on my sensitive skincare routine.

My favourite part of the Sebamed's Clear face anti-pimple gel is that it is perfect for sensitive or inflammation prone skin.

This keeps my skin breakout free and clear.

Sebamed Clear face anti-pimple gel

The formula is a clear gel with a refreshing feel to it which is absorbed so quick.

Spots and scabs look considerably improved even after first usage. 

Another product which sells out so fast at Sebamed is their:


The Sebamed lip defence balm is one that anyone MUST own to keep lips moisturised and supple.

I use it during my day to care for my constantly dry lips.

Sebamed Lip defence balm

It has even SPF 30! Which is amazing as lips need protection from the sun too.

The Sebamed Lip defence balm Retails at £2.99.

If you are a make-up enthusiast like me, you'll know that the basis to a great lip is a moisturised one.

Sebamed Lip defence balm

I can't recommend enough the Sebamed Lip defence balm.

Lips are protected from dehydration, kept nice and moisturised.

Again another brilliant product for my sensitive skincare routine.

Sebamed Lip defence balm

My lips felt instantly moisturised after even the first use. 

Al hail to the next of my recommendation in my daily skincare routine, a winner of the Highly commended Pure Beauty Awards London 2019.


In these times where we have to wash our hands so often my hands have been left dry and chapped from overwashing them.

The wrong hand cream will leaving them even burning so the only alternative that was gentle enough to use is the Sebamed Intensive Hand cream.

Sebamed Intensive hand cream

This hand creams is great for sensitive skin and great as part of my daily skincare routine.

The Sebamed Intensive hand cream is avocado oil enfused perfect for dry and chapped hands.

The best part of this hand cream is that it repairs the skin and is perfect for extremely dry hands.

Sebamed Intensive hand cream

Luckily its not a greasy formula which I usual steer clear of but rather a fast absorbing one.

It smells so beautiful, my hands were visibly and instantly hydrated.

It also contains shea butter and Panthenol which are key for skin repair and moisture.

Sebamed Intensive hand cream

Thankfully I use it everyday and my hands are not suffering anymore.

Another area that is forgotten especially when we are young is the eye area.

For the eye area, Sebamed has designed the:


I think that with eye creams it's best to start early to avoid keeping them dry and malnourished.

The skin next to the eyes is highly sensitive and thin so if its not given some TLC it can crease with time and produce fine lines.

Q10 Anti-Ageing Lifting Eye Cream

The best part is that the Q10 Anti-Ageing Lifting Eye Cream protects the eye skin elasticity.

If you have any fine lines it does reduce them within 28 days.

This eye cream is perfect for my daily skincare routine for my sensitive skin.

Q10 Anti-Ageing Lifting Eye Cream

Q10 is a brilliant coenzyme which promotes skin rejuvenation and avoids damaging collagen. It also contains Hylorun which ensures moisture.

I think that with skincare it's better to start when you are young because as my father used to say Prevention is better than Curing.

Q10 Anti-Ageing Lifting Eye Cream

It is a very light and quickly absorbed formula which instantly moisturises the eye area.

Keeping the eye area smooth is a must.

Last but not least is the Sebamed:


Keeping the skin full of moisture is the key to my perfect skin and make-up application.

The Sebamed Anti-aging Q10 protection cream retails at £10.29.

The Sebamed Q10 Anti-Ageing Protection Cream

The Sebamed Q10 Anti-Ageing Protection Cream protects skin against skin aging and its never too late to start.

The Q10 as previously mentioned is the key to young skin and avoiding damage to elastin and collagen.

My skin is kept smooth and enriched with anti-oxidants to protect skin also from the air pollutants.

The Sebamed Q10 Anti-Ageing Protection Cream

Most importantly it works wonders on my sensitive skin.

If the skin is moisturised, crease free, your skin will look radiant and smooth.

This will give you a better canvas for make-up application.

The Sebamed Q10 Anti-Ageing Protection Cream

I highly recommend this cream and I use it as part of my daily routine.

Bear in mind that all the above products are great for men as well not just women as skin in general has the same needs.

So this is my secret to my daily skincare routine for my overly sensitive skin.

The Sebamed Q10 Anti-Ageing Protection Cream

The formula to this cream smells lovely and is very nutritious you can feel it in the texture of your skin instantly.

It's a great cream to put on before applying make-up too.

Don't forget that this is a Dermatological and medical skincare range is perfect for those looking for medical skincare.

I want to thank Sebamed for allowing me to test their range and making their brand part of my much needed sensitive skincare routine.

Which Sebamed product do you have your eye on? Let me know below in the comments section.

"Although these products were kindly gifted to me, all the opinions expressed are my own and truthful".

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