Welcome to The Officialsavanarae blog! 

This blog is dedicated to reviewing all types of beauty products including drugstore to high end luxury cosmetics ,skincare and clothing brands.

I started the Officialsavanarae blog in 2017.

I am a former beauty queen with an academic background which shocks most!

I have a master's degree in Forensic and medical science even though it's a subject I adore beauty comes close too.

My love for the beauty and fashion industry inspired me to launch this blog as an outlet which would provide useful and detailed information to this consumer oriented world.

The amount of products that are around pushed me to provide a corner of the internet where people can get trusted information from. 

This blog focuses on product detailed product reviews of products ّI have personally tested thoroughly including swatches, product comparisons and personal thoughts on what I’ve tested.

I have collaborated  with  known brands such as Pixi Beauty, Motel rocks, Femme Luxe Finery, Pull & Bear, Marc Jacobs beauty , Rimmel London , My instant effects and Dafni Hair.

You can read more about me in FabulosMag and was ultimately featured on Femail of the Dailymail as a beauty blogger.

Facts about me

What’s my skin type?

I have olive toned skin. I would say I have neutral toned skin. My MAC foundation shade is NC25.

I have combination skin which means I have both dry and oil prone areas on my face.

What my dress size and shoe size?

I wear a size 8-10 depending on brands and a size UK 5 for shoes.

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Thank you for visiting the website.

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